In a world where Mental Health is used as a common trope in various forms of storytelling, Therapist Ryan Engelstad, and Advocate Mike Graham, try to determine what lines up with real life, and what is just exaggerated fantasy.  Listen as they delve into the fantastical tales told about Mental Health in books, movies and television.


Pop Psych 101 is for people who love TV podcasts, book podcasts, movie podcasts, or mental health podcasts

One Therapist . One Advocate . Two Perspectives

"One of the best Mental Health Podcasts"

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An LCSW by trade, Ryan has been a therapist for 15 years. He has a genuine passion for helping people through their struggles in life, and created Pop Psych 101 as a way to make the information people need to hear more acceptable. Ryan also has a blog on Medium that is very well received, and you can catch him and his improv troupe on the East Coast.



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Bri knows how important spreading this message is. Being Mike's support person when he is struggling, she has a deep understanding of what it's like living with someone with mental illness. Seeing how terrible Ryan and Mike are at social media, she took over in February 2019 with the goal of creating content that's not only moving, but educational as well.

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Mike is obsessed with creating anything he can. From audio editing, video edit, acting, podcasting, to making music, creating is a passion. Having dealt with Bipolar Disorder for over 15 years, he joined up with Pop Psych 101 to work with Ryan, tell his own story, and help continue the conversation of normalizing mental health struggles



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Perhaps you are a new Pop Psych 101 listener checking out our show for the first time. You can start from the beginning, or try a few of these episodes which we like a lot.

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