Podcast Blog: Bullying and Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things

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Episode 37: Bullying and Billy Hargrove in Stranger Things

Ryan challenges Mike with a news story about mystics and psychics. A larger percentage of people are seeking out this kind of "Magick" than are going to therapy or to a psychiatrist. Mike offers that if it finds the person peace or healing, then he has no problem with it, but Ryan argues that some people are being swindled for money and should go the route that has science to back it up.

Some things we learn about bullying from Stranger Things

  • The definition of bullying

  • How to spot a bully

  • How a bully is made

  • How to treat a bully

  • The motives of a bully

  • What bullying does to others emotionally

  • Science finds literal brain changes is bullying victims

Movie Synopsis

This week we look at the character Billy Hargrove in Netflix's stranger things. Billy moves to Indiana, and isn't so happy with his new hometown. Through the course of the series we see Billy make fun of, attack, threaten and demean the kids around him. After his body is taken over by the Mind Flayer in season 3, we find out that Billy was abused as a child and is broken. 

Bullying is often thought of as a normal part of growing up and going to school. Tell that to a victim of bullying. Now, in the age of social media, bullying is the worst it's ever been, with kids unable to escape the threats from their classmates.

Episode Diagnosis


4.5 of 5 Eggo Waffles -- for the portrayal of bullying in season 2 -- 2 of 5 Eggo Waffles for the portrayal of bullying in season 3


5 of 5 Mike Forgots -- So good. Fun. Creepy. Nostalgic. Excellent writing. Suspenseful

Pop Psych 101 is a weekly mental health podcast hosted by Therapist, Ryan Engelstad, and advocate, Mike Graham. They analyze the portrayal of mental health in pop culture and discuss the accuracy, for better or worse. 

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