Podcast Blog: Ethics of The Shrink Next Door

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Episode 40: Ethics of The Shrink Next Door

When Bloomberg (and ex New York Times) Journalist, Joe Nocera, realized that his Hampton's neighbor, Ike, had suddenly moved, he knew things were off. However, there was no way he could prepare himself for the story he was about to uncover. The man that Joe thought was his neighbor's maintenance man, Marty, actually turned out to be the owner of the property, and Ike, had been Marty's Psychiatrist for 30 years.

This week we look into the ethical violations that Ike had to betray to find himself in almost complete control of Marty's life -- We look at this through Ryan's eyes, as a Therapist, and wonder where he thinks this relationship got off the rails. We also look at this through Mike perspective as a patient, who seems to understand Marty's gullibility in The Shrink Next Door


Netflix has just announced that they have edited the suicide scene from season 1 of 13 Reasons Why. Mike thinks it's a marketing scheme, and a bit late. Ryan says, it can't be too late.

Episode Diagnosis


0 of 5 Hamptons -- While this is a true story that actually happened to someone, the sheer magnitude of the situation and the unlikeliness that this would happen, this way again, warrants the low rating.


5 of 5 Familias -- Joe Nocera provides an excellent narrative for this riveting tale, but it's the audio producer that puts this on top as a 5.

Pop Psych 101 is a weekly mental health podcast hosted by Therapist, Ryan Engelstad, and advocate, Mike Graham. They analyze the portrayal of mental health in pop culture and discuss the accuracy, for better or worse. 

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